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For more than twenty years the ITM Summer Workshops have been attracting people from the UK and around the world. Some students who attend are completely new to the Alexander Technique, while others have experience ranging from a few months of lessons to many years of study. Some come to deal with physical discomforts; others to improve their performance standards. Everyone who comes learns how to move through life a little more easily and effectively. 

During the summer workshops, classes are presented in a mixture of large group sessions and smaller, more personal groups, all taught by trainers and teachers trained by Don. This provides many opportunities for participants both to have lessons and to ask questions while they listen, watch, learn, and have fun.

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(creator of the Interactive Teaching Method).


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ITM teachers across the globe.

“I had finally accepted that tiredness and pain were just going to have to be part of my life. Then I ‘accidentally stumbled upon’ the Alexander Technique. I went to an ITM summer workshop just hoping to have some fun. I was amazed to find that I also waved goodbye to 28 years of shoulder pain in those few days. And that was just the beginning. The ITM Alexander technique is challenging, loads of fun, rewarding and is improving all aspects of my life.”

Eibhlín, Cork, Ireland.

Medical scientist, biology lecturer ITM Trainee.

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