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For over a hundred years, the Alexander Technique has brought benefits to hundreds of thousands of people. Founded upon the concepts and discoveries of Frederick Matthias Alexander, the Alexander Technique has evolved into one of the most powerful tools available today for personal growth and development. 


On this website, you can find out more about the Alexander Technique and the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) approach. There is also information on how to find an ITM teacher, attend one of our summer workshops, and join the ITM training course.  In addition you can find out about our Codes of Conduct, our affiliation with the CNHC, and our books and articles.

FM Photo_nla.obj-136557644-1.jpeg

"Every defective action is the result of the erroneous 

preconception of the doer."

F.M Alexander

Who was FM Alexander?
Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869 – 1955) was an Australian recitationist who, in the process of overcoming his own difficulties with vocal production, began a life-long study of thinking in relation to movement and human performance. 

Originally focussing on breathing and vocal production, Alexander expanded his work over the years. He found that the principles and the disciplines he employed to improve his breathing and vocal production also brought about improvement in his students’ general condition and standard of performance in all activities.

By learning to direct the power of his conscious mind, Alexander was able to achieve his full potential and to help others achieve their potential as well. 

What is the Alexander Technique?  

F M Alexander courtesy of National Library of Australia

“The Alexander Technique means exploring and having fun with something which I have grown to love. I can achieve things more easily now. Life has become a lot more fun, exciting and fulfilling. My wish for my new students is that they too may experience all the excitement and fun which studying the work for themselves will bring.”

John Mitchell, Cork, Ireland.

Musician, instrument maker and ITM teacher.

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