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The ITM Teacher Training Course is divided into three sections.


Designed for the general public, in the first three modules trainees study the basic principles to be found in Alexander’s work, the principles and structures that govern human movement and life-changing material from the fields of success education and business management.


All students who complete the first three modules are invited to continue into the teacher preparation section of the course. These next three modules provide an in-depth study of practical anatomy as it relates to movement and the use of hands in teaching, as well as a more detailed study of Alexander’s four books.


The fourth year of the training cycle enables students to take what they have learned to synthesize a personal way to teach Alexander’s work in a creative ITM manner.


We have found that the program designed to train ITM teachers is also the most effective program for people to follow whose interest is only in personal development and we recommend that students complete the full course whether they intend to teach professionally or not.  

The ITM Teacher Training Course offers a comprehensive approach to the study of the work of FM Alexander. The course is suitable for all, not just people who wish to become teachers.

Together, the two ITM training courses provide the most comprehensive approach currently available for the study of the FM Alexander Technique. Because the primary purpose of the course is personal development and life-enhancement, the ITM Teacher Training Course is suitable for all, not just people who wish to become teachers.    

In the past, it used to be the case that the only options available to the serious student of Alexander’s work were either to take large numbers of private lessons and then have to synthesise the understanding and accomplishment of the work on one’s own, or to join a three-year teacher-training course. 

Because the early modules in the ITM Teacher Training Course can be started and studied independently, the current ITM Teacher Training Course offers a flexible alternative to these earlier approaches for the serious student - the person who wants to know all he or she can learn about themselves and Alexander’s work, without committing to becoming a teacher.


The first three modules of the training are designed for the general public. They are intended to provide the instruction necessary for students to continue to learn this work on their own. 

They begin with a module that introduces the student to a range of the most basic ideas, concepts and processes that make up Alexander’s work. 

The second module is a kind of ‘owner’s manual’ for the body concerned with the nature and functioning of the human body as it relates to movement and the performance of activities. The third module is made up of a collection of powerful material from the fields of success education and business management. 

Alexander said that to become an effective teacher of his principles and his work, a person needed special training in how to deal with people. In the ITM, we begin this special training in the third module by learning to deal more effectively with ourselves. The whole of the four-year training cycle serves as a training programme to become a certified teacher of the Interactive Teaching Method for the teaching of the FM Alexander Technique. 

We have found that following the same training process that is required to train ITM teachers is also the most effective program or process for people to follow whose interest is only in personal development and life enhancement.


Don has also created a four-year Trainer Training Course. This is the first training course in the Alexander Technique Teaching profession dedicated to the training of trainers. The graduates from the 2012 ITM Trainer Training Course have now joined Don as active personal trainers on the current 2016 ITM Teacher Training Course. 


“I didn’t realise that studying Mr. Alexander’s work was going to be such a journey. The training course is wider in scope than I imagined. Not only is it a chance to rethink my ideas, but also to rethink the process of learning itself. It has offered me a glimpse into the freedoms that I have: not only in how I move, but in how I want to live.”

Bethan, Bristol, UK.

Communications manager, yoga teacher, mother & ITM Trainee.


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ITM Course


To learn more about the ITM training course, you can read and/or download the prospectus PDF. If you wish to apply, please follow the link below to complete our online application form. We will be in touch soon with all the details you need to proceed. We look forward to welcoming you.

Courses start every 4 years.


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