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Who to contact in an emergency

Are you applying for individual modules or the full course?

Do you have any experience of Alexander Technique?

If so please include the name of current teacher. If none leave blank.

Please give brief details of your educational and work background

What do you hope to gain from this training experience?

What do you hope to bring to this experience?

Please tell us about any mental/physical health history that may affect your participation in this course

Any queries, or anything you wish to tell us?

*ITM privacy policy: If you submit our registration form on the ITM website, the ITM will collect your name, email address, contact details and general information given by you regarding your background, this is collected so that we can provide you with services, including responding to your correspondence.

The ITM will never sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required to by law. The ITM will always ask for your consent before adding you to our contact database.

If you have requested it, we may send you emails about new courses or workshops to the email address you have provided. If you subscribe to the mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time by emailing ‘unsubscribe’ to the email address provided.

The ITM will only ever store your personal information for the purposes of informing you about training courses and workshops. If you unsubscribe, the ITM will cease sending you emails and remove your contact details from our mailing list.

You have rights relating to the ITM’s storage and use of your personal data including: the right to ask us to delete all your personal data; the right to refuse allowing us to use your data for marketing purposes; and the right to know what data of yours we are processing and how. You also have the right to raise a complaint with the ICO if you are unhappy with any aspect of the ITM’s collecting, storing or using your personal data.

Thank you for applying for the ITM Training Course, we will be in contact via email in the next 3-5 working days to confirm your place. We look forward to training with you. In the meantime if you have any queries please contact us on the contact page. Thank you.

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